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There are a few key elements to billing, these are the basics.

  • Payment information
  • Account Balance
  • Initial credits to account balance
  • Minimum Balance Threshold
  • Recharge Amount

Before you can deploy a Massed Compute Virtual Machine, you have to first configure your billing settings. The flow is pretty straightforward.

  1. Add a payment method using Manage Billing button.
  2. Select Initial credits to add to your account
  3. Select a Minimum Balance Threshold
  4. Select a Recharge Amount.

Once a Virtual Machine is deployed, we will deduct from your account balance every minute. You can spin up multiple Virtual Machines at one time.

How am I charged for usage?

Each virtual machine when you deploy will have a set cost per hour. We sum the cost per hour for all your active virtual machines and divide by 60 to get a cost per minute of active virtual machines. Every minute we do this calculation and debit your account balance based on that math. Sometimes the calculation produces micro cents. The micro cents are carried over as a remainder until the next minute charge.